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Disney Developing Live Action Version Of The Black Cauldron

Disney is no stranger to live action remakes of some of their most beloved animated classics — Including The Lion King, Aladdin, Pete’s Dragon, The Jungle Book, the upcoming highly anticipated Mulan and several more.

Disney is also developing a Couple of new live action films including Disney’s Robin Hood, Bambi, Tangled, Lilo and Stitch, Treasure Planet and Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

But now it looks like Disney is adding yet another picture to the list of growing live action films the provider is working on (and has already begun development of) a live action remake of The Black Cauldron.

As of right now, unfortunately not much is known about the movie of The film because it’s in the early stages of development.

There is now no known cast or team. We also are not certain if the live actions The Black Cauldron is going to be a theatrical release or be released into Disney’s streaming service, Disney+.

It is also important to remember that Disney has not yet spoken out on the live activity The Black Cauldron and hasn’t confirmed or denied the movie project.

PS 5 Might Feature New Gran Turismo Game

Sony filed fresh trademarks and trademarks for Gran Turismo right before the first date of the PlayStation 5 display, providing more evidence that Gran Turismo 7 is along the way. Gran Turismo is A franchise of racing simulation games that focus on precision and licensed vehicles. The series has had a release on every branded games except that the Vita, making it the most popular franchise of all time. GT games are so realistic that they’ve been utilized to scout and create drivers that have gone on to compete in real life races.

The PlayStation 4 didn’t obtain a numbered release in the Gran Turismo series, instead obtaining the multiplayer-focused Gran Turismo Sport. Developer Polyphony Digital have previously discussed the future of this show, targeting 240fps on the new console generation, a lofty goal to say the least. A few weeks ago, it appeared like the match was leaked by a gambling cockpit manufacturer, who later admitted to using a fake Gran Turismo 7 emblem To advertise the product. However, some trademarks earlier this month filed still point to an impending release in the franchise.

Sony updated their trademarks for the two”Gran Turismo” along with the conventional series emblem on June 3rd, 1 day prior to the PS5 games showcase was designed to air until it had been delayed to respect the Black Lives Issue protests. While no new logos or titles were found to be trademarked, the timing of the filing could suggest that something Gran Turismo-related was planned to be shown at the games display, which has been moved to June 11th.

There’s little doubt that a Gran Turismo game will release Is the console lineup’s best-selling title along with a stalwart About the PlayStation 5 at some stage taking into consideration the franchise. What would be significant news yet – and, given recent rumors and leaks, could be possible – would be the statement of Gran Turismo 7 (or perhaps Gran Turismo Sport 2, or something else completely ) as a PlayStation 5 launch title. Since Polyphony Digital have already discussed their advancements in frame rate and resolution, it is completely plausible that another Gran Turismo release will come early to the PS5’s life cycle – or even on its launch day.

Many PlayStation 4 Favorites are very likely to receive sequels and remasters on Sony’s second Console, with rumors already swirling about a Bloodborne remaster and PC portand the possibly forthcoming reveal of Horizon: Zero Dawn two , a sequel to one of those PS4’s best exclusives. If these leaks and rumors pan out in actual reveals, anticipate a few word about Gran Turismo 7 or some thing similar racing onto the PS5 games showcase this Thursday.

Frictional Games Next Project Is Already In Production And It’s Horror-Ish

Frictional Games’ next project after Amnesia: Rebirth will be”horror-ish” but won’t be a horror game, the studio has revealed in Edge Magazine.

Frictional’s creative director Thomas Grip Studio’s next game will not be a terror game in the exact same way as Amnesia: Rebirth.

Grip said:”It is horror-ish, but it’s definitely not a Horror game whatsoever in precisely the exact same way that Rebirth is a horror game,” Grip says. “There will be terror undertones, since our aesthetic sensations are of a specific type, but it is not the hard focus.

Grip also explains the studio looked to create 2 jobs Simultaneously following the launching of its other survival horror game, Soma, together with one of those endeavors of course being Amnesia: Rebirth.

That Upcoming sequel to Amnesia was first announced earlier this season following a series of mysterious found footage movies and audio files were released to tease the announcement. Set in precisely the same world as Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Rebirth is set to take you to the desolate Algerian desert as Tasi Trianon, that goes on a journey which will”investigate the limits of human resilience.”

Grip Also talks about the studio method of returning to the Amnesia Show, its role in the Let’s Play happening , and so much more in the Latest issue of Edge.

The New Evil Dead Movie Has Taken An Exciting Step Forward

Though the Evil Dead franchise temporarily lurks in the TV kingdom with Starz’s Ash vs. Evil Dead, it is still chiefly a movie collection, and within the past several decades, there have been efforts to get the following Evil Dead film off the floor

. Back in October, Ash Williams himself, Bruce Campbell, teased that there was a large development on front, and now brings word a writer/director was hired for the job.

Lee Cronin is a emerging terror talent, as in addition to last year’s The Hole in The Planet , that followed a young girl who suspects her kid’s upsetting behavior is joined to a mysterious sinkhole and got lots of positive critical reception, in addition, he led the 2014 Méliès d’Argent award-winning brief movie Ghost Train.

So getting to helm the officially-titled Evil Dead Today is going to be a significant boost for his profession, and obviously Bruce Campbell and authentic Evil Dead trilogy director Sam Raimi saw something special from him.