Frictional Games Next Project Is Already In Production And It’s Horror-Ish

Frictional Games’ next project after Amnesia: Rebirth will be”horror-ish” but won’t be a horror game, the studio has revealed in Edge Magazine.

Frictional’s creative director Thomas Grip Studio’s next game will not be a terror game in the same way as Amnesia: Rebirth.

Grip said: “It is horror-ish, but it’s not a Horror game whatsoever in precisely the same way that Rebirth is a horror game,” Grip says. “There will be terror undertones since our aesthetic sensations are of a specific type, but it is not the hard focus.

The grip also explains the studio looked to create two jobs Simultaneously following the launching of its other survival horror game, Soma, together with one of those endeavors, of course, being Amnesia: Rebirth.

That Upcoming sequel to Amnesia was first announced earlier this season following a series of mysteriously found footage movies, and audio files were released to tease the announcement. Set in precisely the same world as Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Rebirth is set to take you to the desolate Algerian desert as Tasi Trianon, that goes on a journey which will”investigate the limits of human resilience.”

Grip Also talks about the studio method of returning to the Amnesia Show, its role in the Let’s Play happening, and so much more in the latest issue of Edge.

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