Far Cry 6 Rumor Hints At New Setting Reveal Date

Ubisoft has lots of triple-a franchises in its roster, though among its longest-running and many treasured is Far Cry.

While the latest entry in the franchise, Far Cry: New Dawn, was met with mixed comments, a fresh rumour asserts that Far Cry 6 is about the road, and it might be the return to form which fans have been on the lookout for.

Far Cry 6 is going to be shown in Ubisoft Forward on July 12, or even maybe leaked if Ubisoft decides to wait for more than that.

Far Cry 6 may even ditch the North American atmosphere, and that, while beautiful, has been criticised as dull by a few Far Cry 5 players.

If the report is accurate, the match is going to probably be one of Ubisoft’s five triple-a names releasing this financial year, which might imply Far Cry 6 is publishing between today and April 2021, unless the coronavirus pandemic postpones it.

The date will make sense, as Far Cry, traditionally, has become a semi-annual series, using Far Cry: New Dawn publishing in 2019. Also, Far Cry 5 released only a year before that.

“Exotic place” is a somewhat ambiguous tease, even though it may hint. The place is going to be a departure from whatever the studio has attempted. Ubisoft has researched Far Cry lovers about configurations they’d love to see in future names, with possibilities which range from a zombie apocalypse to aliens. However, those notions were utilised as Far Cry 5 DLC, also does not look that likely to be turned to complete matches. Therefore Far Cry 6 place remains a puzzle.

Of course, Information has not been verified, and a lot of it feels like a no-brainer given how Ubisoft releases its matches, particularly with the time between the previous Far Cry entrance and today. It’s a fantastic idea since it might turn out not to be authentic, to consider this advice with a grain of salt.

In any event, fans do not have long until they find out. Ubisoft Forward is scheduled to occur a month Xbox July occasion, so players should be obtaining a mountain of video game information and shows in the forthcoming weeks.

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