The New Evil Dead Movie Has Taken An Exciting Step Forward

Though the Evil Dead franchise temporarily lurks in the TV kingdom with Starz’s Ash vs Evil Dead, it is still chiefly a movie collection. Within the past several decades, there have been efforts to get the following Evil Dead film off the floor.

Back in October, Ash Williams himself, Bruce Campbell, teased that there was a massive development on the front, and now brings word a writer/director was hired for the job.

Lee Cronin is an emerging terror talent, as in addition to last year’s The Hole in The Planet, that followed a young girl who suspects her kid’s problematic behaviour is joined to a mysterious sinkhole and got lots of positive critical reception, also, he led the 2014 Méliès d’Argent award-winning brief movie Ghost Train.

So getting to helm the officially-titled Evil Dead Today is going to be a significant boost for his profession. Bruce Campbell and authentic Evil Dead trilogy director Sam Raimi saw something special from him.

Vanessa Cheung

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