Looney Tunes Reboot Will Not Feature Any Guns

The Newest Looney Tunes animated series, which Will Be streaming on HBO Max, Won’t contain any firearms, based on showrunner Peter Browngardt. The show proved to coincide with the launch of the Warner Bros.. Streaming assistance, also is made up of lots of brief (under eight minutes ) episodes in the soul of this timeless Looney Tunes shorts.

The show was a surprise hit for HBO Max, together with reports saying it’s been popular since launching than any other series on the ceremony, including such heavyweights as Game of Thrones, South Park and Friends. The rebooted Looney Tunes series Follows the classic characters all, together with Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam all of return, and feature the appearance that is timeless.

The premise of almost all of the shorts would be that the battle between the two characters. Elmer Fudd comes up brief while searching Bugs Bunny. From the animations, a gun would be used by Fudd to search Bugs like a hunter could, but that is no longer true from the HBO Max reboot.


Browngardt claims they will permit the traditional cartoonish violence, for example dynamite sticks being stacked on personalities and anvils falling in their heads, in addition to animation cannons being taken in the characters, however, the founders have drawn the line in using guns. Meaning not only does Fudd function with no gun, but Yosemite Sam, that are best known for wielding a set of six shooters, will be with no guns.

Nonetheless a cartoonist who, Johnny Ryan had been Hired since the story editor to the series, admits that the series does run. Ryan, who’s best known for much more adult comics, states that while we are living in an era of “anti-bullying”, in which everybody wants to”get together “, Looney Tunes inherently runs counter to this, calling the string that the “antithesis of the. It has two personalities in battle, occasionally becoming fairly violent.”

Neither Ryan not Firearms will not feature in the show, browngardt say, But reading between the lines Increasingly an issue in the USA, they are not keen on Courting controversy with firearms in a children TV show.

While the prevalence of this new Looney Tunes proves The absence of firearms is not a problem, HBO Max could face Backlash of society. It’s Doubtful the streaming support will bow to the pressure. If Looney Tunes remains amusing, who whined that Fudd and Sam do not have firearms?

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